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I would like to present my first PvP video, shot in the patch 5.4.7 over roughly 2 months.

This movie is a level 90 arms warrior pvp movie, made for the sake of entertainment and not to showcase skill.

Why arms?
Well, arms has been the most viable pvp spec for warriors since about tbc. In my opinion fury relies too much on Raging Blow, but that does not mean fury isn't fun too play or bad. Fury has been becoming more viable over the last few years, I really like playing fury but i believe it misses something to be the same level as arms.

All clips are from 5.4.7, at the time i was filming i didn't have full 550 pvp gear.

What to expect:

-1vX fights against random people in BG's and World PvP
- No Arena or Rated Battlegrounds
- Awesome old and new rock tracks !
- A little bit of fun
- Tricks

Song List:

1. Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack - Suicide Mission
2. Volbeat - The Lonesome Rider
3. Metallica - Holier Than Thou
4. Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone (Top Gun Soundtrack)
5. Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave
6. Megadeth - Tornado of Souls
7. N.W.A - Express Yourself

I really hope you will enjoy my movie, and maybe I'll see you all when i release another movie in WoD or pre WoD ! :)

> Maybe it will be fury, if it gets buffed <
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