Requiem - A Multiclass PvP Project [WoTLK] by Wreckk
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Movie Summary

Hello, this is my first try at making a movie like this. Constructive criticism is of course welcome.
I am ussualy more of an arena guy, but it really got boring and repetitive.
Diversity is good! Before I start I would like to credit Mintii for the amazing WCM intro usen in this movie. It is not my work.

This is a project I started long ago, but due to several reasons I had to postpone it ditch it and so on. My lazyiness got the best of me at some point. I also got banned didn't feel like playing or doing anything really.
Another reason I ditched this was because I couldn't get good scenes since this project is recorded on a 1200 Population Private. It was hard to find world pvp or any decent scenes.. I was forced to fill with average footage. Most of the footage is about 10 months old. It's mix of some big numbers noobslaying and some "1vX'.

- Private Server named Gamer-District 3.3.5 Patch - Seriously if u don't like privates or wotlk this isnt the movie for you. No need to downrate - just don't watch it :)
- Rusty Gameplay of - Prot Warrior, Destru Lock, Fire&Arcane Mage, MM&SV Hunter.
- Some audio errors, Mistakes in gameplay, Model Editing.

Regarding gear of my chars - I used agressive PvE Gearing on prot with 200 resil to get some numbers, Arms gear is shown in the video, My mage is undergeared / normal geared through the movie 2x furious 2x WF 1x Rele, 232 RDF trinket + 245 BM Trinket (ilvl on s8 is 264 for normal pve and 270 for arena gear). Lock is full Wrathful 1200 resil with best trinkets available in S8 and for my hunter I used 264 itemlevel with 1100 resil.

Songs in Order:
West One Music - Journey to the Abyss
Crossfaith - Photosphere
Decyfer Down - Crash
Oceans Divide - Break
NucleusStricken - My Mind Is Mine, Not Yours
We Came as Romans - To move on is to Grow
Amaranthe - Trinity
Secrets - Dance of the Dead
New Radicals - Mother We Just Can't Get Enough

Played and edited by Me.
Anything else I missed should be in the movie ending.
Thanks for reading and have fun watching :)

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