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Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ravencrest ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Hey there WCM
I'm really happy to be able to finally release this movie after all the errors and time i put into this !
-Watch on Youtube for better quality ! -
I had to cut down the quality here because i can only upload 2GiB

If you don't know me , or you are new to WoW ... I play a Warrior mainly fury since arms is pretty much boring to me .
This is the biggest project i've ever made and i'm really hoping that you will enjoy it . I certainly did , while editing and recording ... (except the constant 3 days of sony vegas crashing xD )
Keep in mind that this was recorded in 6.2 with the Legendary Ring (not upgraded)
I'm going to make a followup video for this (a little teaser can be seen at the end of the video ) ...

What to Expect :
-Only World PvP
-Fury Gameplay
-Warrior vs. Warrior ft. Auridan (Arms Warrior)
-HUGE crits and people disappearing from your screen ;)

What's not to expect :
-Arenas (only 1 really short clip)
-Perfect Gameplay
-Clips taken from

This video was made only to entertain the viewers and is not intended to showoff any kind of skill

Tracklist is at the end of the Movie , as well as during the Movie.
I made YT stream as well if anyone has problems watching on WCM
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