The Bridge - Teaser by Xyrxyx
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A teaser for an upcoming personal short I've been working on. The story itself isn't going to get much of any explanation outside what you see in the upcoming short. I prefer storytelling to be part of the visual experience instead of reading a script to the audience, and I enjoy the perspectives others have on individual stories.

The goal here is to push Machinima to the next level as others have inspired me to do so with their compelling storytelling and gorgeous visuals. And taking a page from Blizzards book, it will be released when it's ready to be released.

The maybe coming soon part is unfortunately a sad reality. I've done everything on this project myself outside modeling the characters I managed to snag from the wow model viewer (sadly a lot of this was done prior to the model update). So that means rigging, scene set up, animation, rending (one of these shots took 36hours! HD quality or bust!), etc. I simply don't know how long this will take me to finish. But I am not above accepting help.

If you're interested in helping, I could use the following to speed things along; another animator(Maya), a couple voice actors (there are only a handful of spoken lines), a sound editor and perhaps a visual FX guy(some of these Maya affects are becoming a real pain in my arse).

But I'm determined to press on regardless at whatever pace and quality I can crap out in the many disciplines I'm learning at once. I even have the rough draft of the next "chapter" planned out, if things go well enough on this one.

Comments, questions and even criticisms are all appreciated.
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