Rogue Solo 25 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults: Elegon [5/6] by Koshi (Sakuzyo)
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Frostmourne ( Bloodlust )
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Filmed via Fraps@60FPS
Item level: 732
Trinkets: Swapped Heroic Soul Capacitor for Mythic Meaty Dragonspine Trophy (Soul Capacitor does cleave so is not worth it)

This encounter is actually far more interesting on 25 man then it is on 10 man for the sole fact that you cannot kill the Protectors as Total Annihilation must hit at least 3 targets in order to not cause an instant wipe. This means that outside of the opener Legendary Ring cannot be used and Blade Flurry cannot be used while on the center platform. Also while on the center platform roughly every 3 seconds that you stand on the platform will cause you to take 5% increased damage per stack.

The main thing that is going to cause you to die on this encounter is the Celestial Protectors. At first the Celestrial Protector does very minimal melee damage, places a debuff on their target that reduces all healing received by 50% (doesn't affect leech). The main damage output that the Celestial Protector has comes from Arcing Energy. Arcing Energy starts off doing very manageable damage however, the longer you stand on the center platform the more damage you will take (5% per stack) which will eventually cause Arcing Energies damage to become very dangerous especially when there are multiple Celestial Protectors.

It is key to understand that Elegon will only summon Celestial Protectors while he is above 50% Health so doing as much DPS as possible is very helpful if it causes you to only have to deal with 1 Protector.

The reason I did not kill any of the Energy Charges is because the outer Conduit have a very high chance of bugging and not spawning so I decided it was best to just let the Charges reach their respective Conduit.

On the outer platform the Celestial Protectors take 90% reduced damage from all sources so it is acceptable to use Blade Flurry to get a respectable amount of cleave healing done via the Cosmic Sparks.

Try to save defensive CDs for the final stretch.

*Note I'm not entirely sure what causes this but there are times where Elegon will immediately phase into the intermission phase after the first set of charges reach their respective conduits as opposed to waiting for 3 sets. :(
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