Goth 2 - Tribute to Nostalrius by Dushichka
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Tarren Mill ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Hello everyone,
The video i made didn't go well as i thought.Sadly our server
Nostalrius got shutdown by Blizzard and i was forced to finish it before my actual plans.In my opinion the content is not great as i wanted it to be but in the end thats the only last memory i could create before losing contact with everyone i played with.
Hope you enjoy and RIP Nostalrius.
What to expect:
-World PvP
-Group fghts
-Inside jokes
-Movie reference
-Duel series
-Few tricks
-No succubus
Song List:
Maduk ft Veela - Ghost Assassin
Naibu - Generic Generation
Unknown Error - The Yearning
Manfred Mann- Blinded by the Light (Blow)
Moloko - Sing It Back
Rido - Hard As Life
Future Prophecies - September
Moonbeam - Hate Is The Killer (Arty Remix)
Gorgon City Ft. Katy Menditta - Imagination
Frankie Wilde - Need To Feel Loved


-I didn't include all the duel series i had with the guys,since the video was gonna get more than 40min.
-Theres a lot of scenes that i consider "fillers" and average but after the shutdown thats all i had left to finish the movie.
-Still some flaws in the gameplay.
-Strange resolution.
-2 short white/black screens, result of problems with rendering.
-I frapsed most likely during US times since EU times were lagging hard.
-The number of people i wanted to thank was really big,so im sincerely sorry if you didn't see your name and you were my friend.
-TrinketMenu (easier trinket switch)
-ItemRack (easier item slot switch)
-ElitePlayerFrames (golden dragon avatar/portrait)
-BlackFrames (blackened UI frames)
-EnemyFrames (list of enemies around you)
-Modui (shows enemycastbar above nameplates)
Thanks to Emphasis and everyone that has been my friend during my stay in Nostalrius , wish you all the best.
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