PERPLEXITY 3 by Perplexity
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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spent a lot longer this time actively seeking world pvp to the extent where i had many r12+/bis geared players on my friends list; the vast majority were either raidlogging/afking in cities fiddling with their cocks with one or two venturing out to solofarm once in a blue moon.. and lets be honest, who wants to see more dull 1v1s!

the first 18 mins~ of the movie is largely wpvp and random occurences, with the latter part being duels vs. some of the best players of their classes in multiple specs. i threw in a lot less duels this time and thus still have a metric fuck tonne of awesome shiz which i'll probably release at a later date - this includes a loaaaaaaad of funny ass clips from just general fuckery with a bunch of cool people

nost shutting down & the 7x event brought an abundance of lower geared players, which is why you may see some people in worse items - unfortunately getting perfect clips involves a large chunk of luck and coincidence on a lower pop server like kronos was - regardless, expect mistakes & some questionable editing

as always, thanks for watching & much love
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