Demon Hunter Parkour- Stormwind City Throwdown by Chul of the Soviet Deadvine.
Class: Demon Hunter | Category: Other | Server : US - Moon Guard ( Emberstorm )
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Movie Summary
The Scenario: The ground has turned to lava but no one else seems to have noticed! Someone must inform King Anduin of this development immediately and being the upstanding member of the Alliance you are, you decide that it's your civic duty to take this matter into your own hands. The guards might not appreciate you running on the rooftops however, so it's best to avoid them. Since this revelation came without warning, you don't have any of your usual gear, so no trinkets, toys or other doo-dads.

The Rules:

1)Don't touch the ground!

2) Don't get caught!

3) Make it to the Stormwind Gardens and inform the King of what you've learned.

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Chul of the Soviet Deadvine.
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