The 25th Letter to Santa - WoW Christmas Comedy by BVPmedia (Seemos)
Class: Warrior | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Azjol-Nerub ( Cyclone )
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Its Christmas eve er Winters Veil and Santa has ran into a few problems that require his attention. Join Winter Veil Santa as he welcomes in the holiday spirit. Presenting our latest installment into The 25th line universe!

The 25th Letter to Santa.

Directed by The Bannerman Brothers Written by Ryan Bannerman Script Editing by Shane Rawlins and Ryan Bannerman, Produced by Corey Bannerman, Voiced by Ryan Bannerman with additional VA from, Corey Bannerman.

Technical: Filmed on Azjol-Nerub US using 3 Accounts, Animations and motion graphics by Corey Bannerman / Blizzard Entertainment.

Based off the video "The 25th Line" which was originally a submission to the Blizzcon 2010 movie contest.

Music courtesy of Machinima Sound, and The Cauldron Project.

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