Fun with Haunt (Aff-Legion PVP) [BRH-WQ] by Yahzarah
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : US - Blackhand ( Rampage )
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1 Shot finish of Black Rook Hold brawl quest.

Blast and melting with new (7.1.5)Haunt, Contagion, Soul Flame, Wrath of Consumption Proc trinket and Soul Harvest.

ilvl 873 and lv41 Artifact. No raid gear or elite pvp gear. Like that matters anymore in Legion...

But yeah. Haunt is a 30% buff to spell dmg and Contagion another 18% with Soul Harvest a 20% dmg cd to include BRH stacking buff. Which is a 5% decrease in max health, 10% reduced healing recieved and 5% dmg increase.

Started brawl with 2579k maxed health, ending with 1289k(maxed health @10 stacks).
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