2.4.3 Disc Priest arena by uzbekimist
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Soulflayer ( Flurry )
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uzbekimist's Arena Team 1
bereeseker uzbekimist
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Hi, the decision to make this movie came quite spontaneously, i was just editing some clips for another stream highlight reel when it hit me. That means the footage is most probably nothing special, since it wasn't being thoroughly picked and chosen specifically for a movie or smth.
All of it was recorded(live-streamed) while playing on Deathside.ru x100 realm, the best realm for arena on TBC nowadays, by all means.
Voice-comm (skype e.g.) wasn't being used in neither of the clips presented.

As said in the "intro", you're encouraged to wear a headset or earphones while watching, simply because playing it on speakers will make you miss out a good half of what's there to hear and see.

It's also recommended to download the source file and watch it in 60fps with better quality, as 30fps makes some of the editing really ugly. Here's the DL link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw552m9FAMQINkZiNEIydkZfUHM/view

Thanks to all my friends, teammates, opponents and everybody else who made this possible.

Music (in order of appearence):
Kiasmos - Swept (Live performance on KEXP)
Smerz - You See?
Gidge - Lit
Kiasmos - Bent (Live performance on KEXP)

For more TBC arena action -
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