Esoteric Exploration Trailer - Elysium/Nostalrius/Anathema by Popthehood
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Trailer for my video on supposed unreachable areas in Vanilla/Classic.
Cliche places such as GM Island or any other locations that require an MPQ file to reach won't be included.

The full video isn't going to be just a montage, but what it will be, that you will see.
Some places to be in the video are uninstanced AQ, the invisible Mystic Ward water pillar, Northern Plaguelands, the all-loving Karazhan Cellar, STV Tiger Cave, SW sky castle illusion, underwater gnome town, end of the world spots, mountains above certain zones such as Searing Gorge, Tanaris, Redridge, etc., Uninstanced ZG, Instanced Tanaris, the list continues.

For those curious of the car in the beginning, it was an 03' Mazda Speed Protege running 28 psi with only bolt ons and a good tune.



For the Win - Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps From Hell
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