Jgazy 1 - Rank 1 Fistweaver MLM by jgazy
Class: Monk | Category: PvP | Server : US - Maelstrom ( Shadowburn )
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jgazy's Arena Team 1
Floormat Lockthelock Gzy
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jgazy's Arena Team 2
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Thanks for checking out my first pvp video! In World of Warcraft Iím known as Jgazy, Gzy, or Gaz and currently I play Frost Mage/Demonology Warlock/Mistweaver with my friends Lockthelock and Floormat. Iíve always wanted to make a Ďinsert name xí pvp video like my arena forefathers before me and finally feel that I have a unique enough pov/role on a unique enough comp in order to make an interesting video out of it. We usually refer to our comp as Fistweaver MLM because I que Way of the Crane spec 100% of our games in order to create a sustainable/repeatable triple dps 3v1 scenario during setups and itís honestly way more fun than just casting soothing mist around pillars the entire game waiting to go oom.

These games are all from 7.2 except for the 2 GCDTV tournament games in the intro.


Iím A Dragon by Apashe
Indian Summer by Otto Wallgren
Pluto x ye. - Feel The Fire (Breath Vocal Mix)
Getaway by Tritonal ft. Angel Taylor
Bad Intentions (Matt DiMona Remix) by Niykee Heaton
Somewhere to Run (Lost Kings Remix) by Krewella
Itíll Be Okay by SMLE ft Helen Tess
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