Rogue Solo Mythic Hellfire Citadel: Archimonde, the Defiler (!) by Koshi (Sakuzyo)
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Garrosh ( Emberstorm )
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Item level: 910
Artifact Traits - 45
Song: Last Remote - type y - Dark PHOENIX

For all of the bosses I've done thus far for WoD content Archimonde is definitely #1. The number of wipes and strat building that had to be done for phase 4 on a class that is purely based around RNG, that also has great mobility, only if you're able to use finishers made this an awesome fight to progress solo.

Outside of the Twisting Nether the fight is relatively basic.

---Phase 1:
Archimonde will primarily do 4 abilities in this phase. [Summon Doomfire], [Summon Deathcaller], [Shadowfel Burst] and [Allure of Flame]

--Both [Summon Doomfire], and [Summon Deathcaller] are simple enough. Quickly kill them off. I will note for both however killing a [Doomfire Orb] fast is somewhat reliant on whether or not your Run Through crits. As for the [Deathcaller] If you do not have a [Grand Melee] plus another buff roll, target and kill it off ASAP. Keep in mind that a [Deathcaller] left alone can start to do serious damage.

--Handling [Shadowfel Burst] is really simple. You get launched into the air and whenever you hit the ground you take AoE-Shadow damage. [Feint] at some point before you hit the ground.
Use [Grapple Hook], [Death from Above] or [Draught of Souls] to negate the knock up effect.

--[Allure of Flames] does damage based on how many patches of [Doomfire] is left on the ground. Each [Doomfire Orb] that is summoned by Archimonde will drop 10 regardless of whether or not you 1 shot it. When Archimonde casts Allure use [Feint] and prepare to move with Sprint or else you will likely get several stacks of [Doomfire]

---Phase 2
Phase 2 is basically the same as P1 minus [Shadowfel Burst]. Archimonde gains [Shackled Torment]. Light DoT, breaks on distance.

---Phase 3:
Archimonde keeps all of his abilities from P2 and will now summon two new adds: [Dreadstalker] & [Felborne Overfiend]. Both can simply be cleaved down.

--Do not transition into phase 4 with a [Deathcaller] up.

---Phase 4: (Roll for Shark Infested Waters and True Bearing)
The hardest part of the fight. Not because there is a lot of damage, but because this requires both luck and execution.

--There major abilities of phase 4 are: [Mark of the Legion], [Twisted Darkness], and [Summon Source of Chaos].
--Archimonde also has these minor abilities [Dark Conduit], [Seething Corruption] and [Summon Infernal].

--[Mark Of The Legion] is a debuff that Archimonde will periodically cast causing roughly 1.4 million Shadow Damage (feint-able) and knocks the player into the Twisting Nether (You die if this happens). The way I chose to handle this is by using either [Grappling Hook] or [Death From Above]. Either will work, but you need to have the timing down. When using either you need to make sure the [Mark of the Legion] debuff has expired or else it will not work.

--[Summon Source of Chaos] summons crystallized Chaos that will channel a beam at you, pushing you back. The [Source of Chaos] has a little over 4 million HP and the push back is far too strong to maintain with Sprint. You need to kill this very fast. Try to have [Shark Infested Waters] before it spawns.

This is also a great place to make use of the fact that [Draught of Souls] roots you in place once it is used. If you are going to use DoS make sure you are positioned near the [Source of Chaos] so you can continue auto-attacking. I will note that on the right side of the platform (facing Archimonde) there is an obstruction that you may use to prevent yourself from falling off temporarily. [Draught of Souls] will be roughly 25 seconds short of CD for the 2nd [Source of Chaos] so you either will have to stall, or attempt to manage without.

A quick note on [Summon Infernal], If you are going to use [Draught of Souls], kill all of the Infernal beforehand.

--[Twisted Darkness] is a spell that Archimonde will cast summoning 5 [Void Stars] that will fixate onto a target and chase them. If they reach the target they will knock them into the Twisting Nether (You die if this happens).In order to negate this you simply have to vanish. Do not vanish before the [Void Stars] have selected you as their target or else they will simply re-target you. Also, you have to [Vanish] almost immediately as they target you, or they will still ignore [Vanish].

-[Dark Conduit] - At the end of each cast a Dark Conduit will spawn at Archimonde's target, if the [Dark Conduit] is too close to another Conduit it will explode dealing Shadow damage.
-[Seething Corruption] - This simply covers a room in green fire that will explode shortly, dodge if you can, but never run out of melee range of the boss if it is the back patterns.
-[Summon Infernal] - This ability summons an increasing amount of infernal per cast starting with only 3 (twice) then advancing to 4 and 5 Infernal.

Phase 4 is about repetition and the more you do it the better you'll get at it.
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