Bronze Bollocks (WoW Machinima)(WARNING: Explicit language) by Grim Laugh
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WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE(especially if you're scottish). This is my second warning placed on this video, so don't get butthurt when you watch the video and actually hear explicit language being used.

So this one took a bit of time for me, mainly from procrastinating and not really understanding dwarf anatomy. This is also my first work dealing with excessive talking and facial expression. Could be better, but then again this channel is a learning process.

My Momma always said:

Sticks and Stones~
Can break your bones~
But words can leave irreparable mental scars that will haunt you for the rest of your life that can fester into unhealthy habits or disorders. Robbing you of who you once were and your self confidence before slowly draining the reason to live from your very existence.

.....My momma had a very realistic view of life.

Big Ol' Thank you to Troy for voicing and helping write the angry dwarf:
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