Legion Exploration Movie - [Azerothian Mysteries] by Martisias
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There are many ways to play a game like World of Warcraft. Playing as an explorer is a strange and fascinating thing, another game inside the game.
Exploration is an activity that appeared at the beginning of World of Warcraft. It's an "alternative" way to play the game, mainly based on the pleasure of discovering secrets, mysterious hidden places, and going where most of the other players probably won't ever go, beyond the boundaries of the game.

Some people said that the exploration is dead with flying mounts allowed on the continents, and because Blizzard regularly fixes bugs…
My movie and our communities are here to prove the opposite. We wish to show that there are still people exploring, that it still offers new surprises, and mainly that exploration will only be dead when there'll be no one to maintain the flame.

As a proof, This movie shows a lot of new exploration content from the last expansion Legion, and some little older expansion content filmed in Legion.

This movie has been filmed on retail official Blizzard servers, patch 7.3.5 / 8.0.1, between June 2018 and August 2018, without hacks, without any programs, without model editing, without machinima tools, and it was filmed with an "aesthetic" goal, with some little tutorials inside at some points for the beginners.

“ You may clip our wings, but we will always remember what is was like to fly “ #NoggAholic

Dedicated to :

Zhao – Point of View
Dopefish – Nogg-Aholic
Feangren – Over the Mists
WizardTrokair – Flight of the Wizard
Khamul – Ridpef
Picakill – Mysterious WoW
Aizek – Flightpath 101
And the entire WoW exploration community.

You can visit our french website and forum here :

If you’re not french, there is the “ Exploration Reboot “ Discord for US / EU :

Thank you all !

Hope you'll like the movie :D
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