Wild Godz - Cataclysm Survival PvP Movie: Part 1 by Shanrolol
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Movie Summary
Eagle. Bear. Lynx. Dragonhawk.
Spirit, power, grace and passion - it takes a great deal of those to survive the wild, but if you manage, then hold no doubts - the blessing of the Wild Gods will follow in your step, hunter.

This movie comes from the good old days of Cata, and is a tribute to a great, but largely underplayed spec at that time, and also an inspiration for my fellow hunter players to embrace it.

Featuring duels vs all classes, as well as some BGs, this movie can also be considered a semi-guide, as shows some basic patterns for the spec to be played around, and how to compensate for spec's weaknesses with various pets and creative play.

Because of the size, I've split the movie in 3 parts, so if you like the first one, make sure you check out the other two.

Part 1 duels:
Warlock - Destro;
Druid - Feral;
DK - Unholy;
Mage - Fire.

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