Kill'Jaedan Soloed in Wotlk 3.3.5 Spriest. by Carpatica
Class: Priest | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Test Server Europe
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This is my second kill of KJ, and the only one that i recorded Enjoy:)

The shadow enchants : Void Sphere,+4 all rezistences Prismatic Gem(u get it from any Outland trainer)
The back enchant 20 shadow rezist and 70 shadow rezist bracer for LW- Both are recipes that drops from Cultist Shard Watcher in Icecrown (u need to be enchanter for the back recipe to drop,Boe, same for LW but its not Boe)
The +7 to all is from The Violet Eye(outside of Karazan)
The +8 shadow rezist is from some LW shadow rezist kit that can be put on chest hands legs and feet.(u can also use for legs, but idk if its better than 50 stamina and 30 spirit..)
(head)+25 SR and 30 Stamina, from Argent Crusate i think

I put 11 points in holy cus Spirit Tap(the shadow orbs are 72 so u get xp, and it triggers) makes it possible for me to fight without Meditation, and that 10% spell dmg reduction and Desp Prayer is nice, however if u have Coroded Skeleton Key(the one with 60 frost emblems that gives 228 stamina and a 2min cd shield of 6400 ) u can go with meditation so the last portion of the fight is easier.

To bad i didint record the first try , cus that one got a bit intense at the ending, this one is a bit too clean IMO.
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