Machinima: Where the Wild Roses Grow by Gladyse, Frizle, Gazley
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Many years ago, in a place called Lordaeron, there was a young human girl named Elisa Day. People called her The Wild Rose because they said she was as beautiful as the wild roses that grew done the river, all bloody and red.

One day, a young man came into town and from the first moment he set eyes on Elisa Day, he knew she was the one. He went to her house knocked on her door and introduced himself. He took her into his arms and kissed her ruby red lips.

On the second day, the young man came back. He brought her a single red rose and told her she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He asked her to meet him down by the river where the wild roses grew, so sweet and scarlet and free.

On the third day, he took her down to the river. She stood on the bank and gazed silently into the water. The man kissed her lips one last time. Then he waited until her back was turned and beat her to death with a rock in his hand. as he killed her, he whispered, "All beauty must die..."

He placed a rose between her teeth, and slid her body into the river and she slowly disappeared beneath the clear, calm surface. Her body was never found...Her real name was forgotten, She was just referred to as The Wild Rose.

Many people claim to have seen her ghost wandering along the banks of the river near Andorhal, where the wild roses grow. Her skull bashed in and blood is running down her face. they say she clutches a single rose in her hand.
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