Solitz 1 54-60 Classic WoW Warlock World PvP by SolitzPvP
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Nordrassil ( Conviction )
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Server: Northdale, Naxx released and cleared for weeks.

I lvlt this wl here recently to get a heads up for classic, most ppl in this video had AQ40/Naxx gear. Nether engineer nor any consumables aside from HP pot where used, also no pvp trinket. After watching it myself multiply times i noticed that i did some big mistakes, mostly poor usage of my bandages and bad decision making. I kept breaking my fear with immolate, obviously you want to cast shadowbolt or soulfire after the fear and cast the immolate while the spell still flys. Direkt dmg breaks fear very easly while indirekt dmg will never break a fear, this mistake had me use a SS where i didn't really need it multiply times. Also made some bad decision making on my fear usage hope everyone can learn from my mistakes. Gear is mostly green int/stam no SP what so ever. World pvp has no rulez, everything goes and the only thing that counts is who stands at the end alive. Thats what makes it great, go all out use all the little gadgets you can get. No consumables with you? Outnumbered? Well sucks to be you my friend! Better stop crying and improve your gameplay!!

Spec used to lvl: lvl 20 lvl 34 lvl 40 lvl 60

/played was 5d 22h no dungeans 100% solo gameplay, also didn't use ah for anything til 58 (buyed some int/stam greens then)
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