(+Eng subtitles)Teaser World of Warcraft Legends. Signs of Darkness by Lonely Road pictures
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World of Warcraft Legends. Signs of Darkness.

Please consider that the production team is from Russia, and consequently the dubbing language of our videos is Russian. However we've got English subtitles ready for you, and in the future all our work will be translated into other languages as well (and by the way we're looking for English-speaking voice actors now).

This story tells the lives of characters within the World of Warcraft.
Indeed, the historical events you may know have influenced their lives; among them are veterans of bygone wars and recruits for the new ones.
Our story shall be written in their blood and the fire of their hearts. We will attempt to plunge you into intense drama within the blazing crucible of war, lurid alleys of long-dead cities, and the dense and gloomy forests that came to be the den of a mysterious creature who murders local residents.
Our story shall become yours, and we will make sure you feel like it.
Events are in motion. Darkness stirs in occult rooms. Inhale deeply while you can, for soon... The thick fog of war shall engulf everything that be.

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