Aquilliah - Level 19 Hunter Twink PvP - Classic WoW by Rahbek
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ravencrest ( Cyclone )
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▶ Music:
- World's Greatest Battle Music Ever: Bow (Human Design) by MrEpicOSTs

HATERS, READ THIS FIRST: This is a video made for entertainment purposes only. I do not in any way want to show off skills or decent combat where clever use of spells and tactics are involved. This is 100% slaughter, carnage, oneshots and huge crits, intended to do nothing but entertain.

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✅ Gearlist
Head: Green Tinted Goggles + 100 HP
Shoulder: Talbar Mantle
Back: Sentry Cloak + 3 Agility
Chest: Tunic of Westfall + 100 HP
Wrists: Forest Leather Bracers + 9 Stamina
Mainhand: Twisted Chanter's Staff + 9 Intellect
Ranged: Venomstrike + 3 DMG
Gloves: Scouting Gloves of the Monkey 4/4 + 7 Agility
Belt: Deviate Scale Belt
Pants: Leggings of the Fang + 100 HP
Boots: Feet of the Lynx + Minor Run Speed
Ring 1: Seal of Wrynn
Ring 2: Meadow Ring of the Monkey 3/3
Trinket 1: Minor Recombulator
Trinket 2: Insignia of the Alliance

This is a REALLY awesome class to play at 19, so much durability and survival, and yet SO much damage. I really enjoyed playing this and it was a project I knew I had to do.
I recommend 19 hunters to all players, it's really fun.

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Programs Used:
- GeForge Experience
- VideoPad Video Editor
- Sony Vegas Pro 10
- WoWModelViewer

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