NAUGHTY ARUGAL NEEDS A SPANKING (Shadowfang Keep) by Madburst
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Zenedar ( Blackout )
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We heard of Archmage Arugal’s depravity in Silverpine Forest and we had to investigate! Shadowfang Keep in WoW Classic reminds you of the old Silverpine Forest area and of the dungeon itself pre-cataclysm. We focus a lot on Classic WoW content, this dungeon will definitely make you moist. Join us as we slap Archmage Arugal over and over again. He’s definitely been a naughty boy. While we are levelling in Classic WoW we get ourselves into all types of adventures, but the majority of them happen in dungeons and, man oh man, we cannot wait for what the future holds in WoW Classic raiding :) Until then, we all know what to do in Vanilla WoW, so join us for the Shadowfang Keep dungeon and experience it like never before!

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