MASSIVE WORLD PVP In Arathi Highlands by Madburst
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Zenedar ( Blackout )
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Massive world PvP in Arathi Highlands happening, while trying to farm Elemental Fire for our Guild`s next Raid. We get challenged by an Alliance Guild and start a full on massacre. You can see the action from Mad`s PoV, as he uses his PoM Pyro spec and engineering stuff to catch and destroy every soul on the field. This video is not meant to be a Mage PvP guide, but rather something for your WoW Classic entertaining delight. This is what we`re aiming for, here, at The Warcraft Lounge, giving you a nice portion of laughter, and maybe helping you learn a few new tricks while leveling in Classic WoW.
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