Classic-Carnage-Cwow orc hunter by spookyart
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : Asia - أشخيض®؛£ ( Group 4 )
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Movie Summary
First of all, there's a story in the wallpaper


Vs field marshal thief (00:05-01:45) rank is a gimmick. I think the opponent's kidney attack counteracts the bomb in the reading note and hides the rank matched by the dispersed shot

Vs. winter spring thief 1 (01:51 ~ 03:05) the empty time before kidney strike, the fake death, the trap, the loss of the badge, the master's ornament, the strength of a wave of damage poison, the pull distance, the luck, no bandage, the choice of eating and drinking, the consideration of being bored, the result is correct

Vs. winter spring thief 2 (03:10-04:00) ke Hongbei

Vs winter spring thief 3 (04:02-05:06) tonic elixir directly counteracts the 12 second Freezing Trap and shortens it to 6 seconds. Pterosaur spikes are also directly immunized. I have no experience. I want to ask for advice about tonic elixir. If the trap is directly broken and pterosaur is also immunized, I will not lose that the other side has enough pterosaur dot

Field operations

Vs zhande (05:20-06:55) shows a long-range bomb

Vs double D1 (06:57-07:51) can run

Vs double D2 (07:55-08:45) deterrence + cheetah misoperation failed to be solved during the accused period. Cheetahs choose to kill one in seconds when they know the end is inevitable

Vs SS (08:50 ~ 10:04) terrain advantage: dwarf's legs fall short, bomb resistance, fake death, hiding a sacrifice near the resurrection point, when drinking medicine, he would have suffered three lives: soul stone + natural resurrection

Vs thief method (10:28-12:02): the second stage of resurrection: Gnome thief chases after the feign death trap, the target is lost, the beat is slow and the trap is hit

Vs thief method (12:05-12:58): with the roar of coldrain band, I feel cool in the trap

Vs Hunter (13:03 ~ 13:58) pterosaur started to fight before taking off the trap. Frozen baby was bitten and hurt. It was not easy to escape when being chased by the hunter. Good luck to avoid the trap under the little monster. Frozen baby of the other side and then bitten off the LR of the cheetah. Finally, when the blue was also drained, it was a successful counterattack

Vs war thief script method (13:58 ~ 15:17): it is estimated that soldiers should prepare AFK to eat free thief equipment. There is usually a script method to give away

Vs war thief (15:20 ~ 17:50): the other side wants to kill the kind of feeling I want to get rid of. I can't get too much freedom from ice to red chapter. If there's no empty blue, I think I can fight again

Vs Gnome thief (17:50 ~ 18:49): scorpion can't break the trap when it comes to Viper


The first paragraph (18:50 ~ 23:10) is the most favorite way to kill a mage

The second section (23:19 ~ 24:40) is that the highest hate bureau is very happy to have all-round rolling

I don't know if you can hear c'est la vie adios good riddance f you

The fourth paragraph (26:07 ~ 26:36) salute Liang Liang's war song and jump to the wall. I really don't have material and good enough for the opponent to reproduce that picture completely
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