In War - War Rust: Combat 18/33/0 ( FAIRBANKS US Classic 1.13) by Raise
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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In War - War Rust: Combat 18/33/0

(I don't see any option for Classic servers so Ill just put Stormscale US in for Fairbanks US!)

Classic. 15+ years and we're back! Though I miss my home on Stormscale US (Vanilla), Fairbanks US reminds me of it a lot,
plus, my old guildies were there too so that's a plus.

The hardest thing about Classic WoW is that it will never be the same experience it was during 04 to 06.
Many of the rogues and players I looked up to like Rontu, Perklunt, Grim and others have seemingly grown and moved on.

Or at least I have no idea what happened to them!

Anyhoo, I didn't really feel the same about WoW after Classic even though I continued to play it up until BFA.

I don't like what happened to Combat and quit my rogue once it was changed to "Outlaw".

I hoped the magic of the world and the community would return, but disappointingly, it would never be the same for me.

When I first did In War, I was on a terrible PC, didn't know much about macros and forgot to use most of my cooldowns.
By the time I learned more, had a better PC and was ready to start "In War II" Vanilla WoW was coming to an end and I
would quit WoW on and off more months at a time.

When they announced Classic (thanks to you private server players that pushed for it!) I was pretty ecstatic. Though
my life has changed and I have many more responsiblities now, getting to 60 was the hardest part.

Well...and getting winning rolls! But I've only done one MC and Ony so far so...We will see what happens?

Gear is only half the battle...but obviously I don't expect to be in blues in greens forever!

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!


What to expect:

Some roguey rogue stuff.

Sneaky sneak stuff.

80s sounding music cuz I'm

Combat. I only play combat.
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