Chasing the Dawn Episode 3 - Havenshire by Talecraft:Legacy
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The kingdom of Lordaeron is in ruins. The Undead Scourge, with the former Prince Arthas at its head, has slaughtered every man, woman, and child in their path on their quest for domination, and now the Forsaken, Sylvanas Windrunner's pet army, have risen out of the ashes of the Tirisfal Glades. The plague has corrupted even the mightiest of heroes, the most noble of souls; death is everywhere. But one small bastion of hope remains: the Scarlet Crusade. Considered fanatics by most, the Crusade has devoted itself to cleansing the wretched undead from their homeland and restoring Lordaeron to its former glory. General Brigitte Abbendis, one of the Crusade's most fervent paladins, has long lead the elite Crimson Legion at the forefront of this battle, but the Holy Light has begun to whisper to her in her dreams, calling her north to confront the Lich King himself. So as the shadow of the Scourge once again falls over Lordaeron, Abbendis must ready herself to leave everything she has known behind, to lead the most faithful to their true destiny and to chase the dawn deep into the icy heart of Northrend...
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