Numliz - Moments from my Rank by Numliz
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormreaver ( Cyclone )
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Midway through my rank I became curious to the idea of capturing the exciting moments from my grind to r14. I was never sure I would make anything of it, or if I would even complete the grind seeing as I never had any private server experience, and only made it to rank 7 back when i was a dumbass kid in actual vanilla.
The goal of this video is not to reach a certain number of views or anything like that. I mainly made this for myself (hence its 45min long and not 10-15)
The result is this long ass video that i put together with no prior editing experience. I actually edited the whole thing in about 4days, but held back on releasing it for months since i constantly felt like there needed to be adjustments.
I decided to release it as it is, since i realized the day where I would have been 100% satisfied was never gonna come. There probably wont be another one, but even so id love to hear your thoughts if you do come across my video.
I reached High Warlord 04-03-2020
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