Chronicle of the Annoying Quest Episode 5 Remake (WoW Machinima) by Enigma2Me
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I'd greatly appreciate some feedback, either on this website, or on YouTube itself via Likes/Comments. The more you can give, the more I can get a feel for what I did well and what could stand improving.

Original Episode:

Episode 5: With their new objectives in hand (literally), the Questers take a detour into the tramway connecting the cities of Stormwind and Ironforge, to meet the gnome mage Deuce Ex Machina in hopes of finding a means to lift the curse without needing to trek all the way to Darnassus. Things get derailed by Ellers' bizarre vocabulary, and Guy's inability to not make a bigger mess when he gets wind of Deuce's experiments...

Guy just loves making a bigger mess of things doesn't he?

Good grief, this episode is LONG overdue. This is easily the most experimental and effects/camerawork heavy video so far. Hopefully it shows.

Here's my Remake of Episode 5 of the popular World of Warcraft (WoW) Machinima Web Series "Chronicle of the Annoying Quest" (CotAQ), created by Baka Savant(s) Productions.

Unwritten Return by Kevin MacLeod
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