Azial Vol II | Classic TBC Mage by Azial
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ragnaros ( Rampage )
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Solo Queue games on Smolderforge 3v3, currently Rank 1 at ~2300 rating. I also had some great 3s games from Endless at 2.1-2.2k v top teams that I wanted to add as a bonus but as I'm not the owner of the character, which I've been lent the last 2 weeks, I decided against it. I'm currently gearing my own mage so my next montage will probably be from S3 on Endless.

For those who haven’t played Soloq you queue together with one DPS & healer against a 2 DPS + Healer team that is randomly selected. Then your rating is based on your teams average rating in relation to the other teams average. The Soloq meta is completely different from the normal brackets as you really have to use the hand your dealt and make the best out of it, even with good players your comp might be unfavoured. So you do need patience as you never know what to expect even though Mages are a top tier class.

When I was about to start this montage I had an abundance of clips that I wanted to use but Vegas did not support the format that I've been recording with (lossless and uncompressed) so I lost 5-6 weeks of games and had to get new material. So all of these games are from the last 3 weeks as I've been recording everything. I hope you enjoy it!
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