Alliance Fight Back | World PvP | Rogue PoV - Luvsic | Server - Benediction | Classic WoW PvP by Luvsic
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kalecgos ( Shadowburn )
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I tried to make a fun intro and keep the action flowing and getting progressively bigger. The video is made from footage of just one night of spontaneous continuous pvp. Intro starts with a random post I saw on Reddit of a mage getting ganked on our server and I used it with permission to feed into the theme that if you look on the forums a lot of pvp servers favor an imbalance to Horde which causes all kinds of headaches and even caused a few to become devoid of Alliance - see Flamelash.

I also wanted to touch on themes that people point to as to why Classic WoW differs from retail. I know a lot of people have pushed back on some of them about how world pvp isn't as great as people remember or server community isn't there. Well in this video you'll see quite a few horde who are well known on our discord servers and forums for being a pain and dedicated world pvpers; and how unplanned our push to have fun in world pvp - and these kind of nightly skirmishes happen all the time. And truly, I haven't had this much fun playing video games in a long time.

Rogue point of view. Only my 2nd video and I know I have a lot more to clean up editing wise and as a rogue player. Any constructive criticism is definitely appreciated. If you do like it, like's are always nice but I don't make any money from these videos because of copyrighted music so it's w/e about subscribing.
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