Kekoz 6 (WoW Classic) R14 Mage PvP by Kekoz
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Kekoz 6 (WoW Classic) R14 Mage PvP

This video is meant to capture the essence and feel of oldschool PvP vids rather than portray a pure modern show of skill. Me and my opponents make plenty of mistakes in it.

Recorded on Earthshaker EU during phase 4, featuring world pvp footage with some battleground scenes sprinkled in. The fights are mostly random 1vX encounters, and a lot of the players are unprepared and undergeared.

The talents I run in the video are standard 17/0/34 frost build as well as mostly 21/30/0 pom pyro with the blast wave variation spec.

DJ Ozawa - Tokyo (Innovaderz Remix)
Maduk - Colours (ft. Diamond Eyes)
Daryle Singletary - Too Much Fun
The 5, 6, 7, 8s - The Barracuda
Wontolla - Can You Feel Me (ft. Nathan Brumley)
Simple Plan - Last One Standing
Ash- Kung Fu
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