The Lootbox RNG - WoW Machinima by Reater
Class: Rogue | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Silvermoon ( Cyclone )
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Ahh.. The moment when you sell your soul to the RNGesus, hoping for that one loot from that lootbox what you just spend all of your gold for. I know you love the adrenalin rush when you actually open that badboy. This machinima is based on a true story about a young boi trying to get a juicy loot from the Unclaimed Black Market Container (which he keeps trying every week). Don't get me wrong, this is the situation with every lootbox in the game, and with the RNG in general, we just love it.

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🎵 Songs used in the video:

A Call to Arms - Tirion Fordring
TipToes - Myuu (Youtube Audio Library)
The ending song belongs to Madaro on Newgrounds Audio Portal.

#reater #shadowlands #wowmachinima
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