Paladin Erna 3 RE - Classic PvP by QPEN
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : Asia - 티리온 ( 격노의 )
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Movie Summary
This time, the Naxxramas Rade was held.
'What is the future of Wow Classic?'
That's what I started to think.

It's a buzzword these days.
'If you catch Kel'Thuzad, you won't play!'
It's not unusual to say that.

It sounds half-joking, half-joking, but I can relate.

Will it lead to a Burning Crusade?
Or maybe it ends with Naxxramas?

This is so...
I'm curious, but...

Well, I don't know.

So I just decided to stay true to the situation.

If it's fun? Do a lot!
What if it's not fun? Just a little bit!

The video consists of a snow fight on the battlefield, a tower guard, and a final extra edition.
And it's not a very cool scene, so I hope you enjoy it comfortably.

Then, take care of your health and have a good time!
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