Bene rapping to 60 [WoW classic shadow priest PvP] by Beneficitar
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Shadow priest since 2004. Classic WoW fan!
There is a youtube version of the movie with slightly different intro and fight sequence
This is my first (2nd if you cound youtube version) PvP movie. Filmed during beginning of phase 2.
My enemies are higher level, constantly resist, drink pots but still die. Behold the power of the classic shadow priest!
I didn't win all of my fights but I won the majority. I promise I attacked everyone everywhere no matter what was their gear or level (if they gave honor) since I got lvl 49 except for the times when I used laptop with touchpad to finish some quests :)
I started this video from scratch countless times, because I mastered new editing skills while making the video. The video is still not in the state I want it to be, but unfortunately my editing skills evolve at slower pace, than Blizzard releases content. Blizzcon is few days away and I'm afraid that TBC will be announced and I still didn't release my leveling PvP video, so here it is! There's still more than 100 gigs of fights phase 2 to 6. To be continued...!

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