Darkwarz Classic TBC Arena by Darkwarz
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Hello everyone!

So this is my first and much probbaly last movie aswell ahah
Nothing serious here, just made it for fun.. so don't expect something ultra pro and all that bullsh**

This is an arena classic tbc playng warlock, using the combos Warlock Shaman, and Warlock Rogue in 2v2 bracket.

As LS, all the games were betwin 2-2.2k, and LR 2-2.4k mmr.
Expect mistakes and some bad gameplay here and there ofc 😛

Also, few games was played on US, but like 90% of the content is EU.

What to expect:
Imorph ❤
SLSL warlock
Arena only
Metal music and more
Bad editing 😃

Guess we end here!
And thanks to everyone who lose 25 mins of their life to watch my litle movie.
Thank you ❤
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