Conquering Naxxramas - Volume I by Aedak
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Eredar ( Vindication )
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Not too long ago I released a teaser for this video, though I don't think too many people saw it.

The last video I released about 8 months ago was a PvE BWL video showcasing 2h fury and all of the BWL bosses. Conquering Naxxramas is similar (with dual wield - duh!), though I've tried to make it a bit unique from the others out there.

The first Volume is now done, I decided to do it in volumes because of the sheer size and length required to do these videos. Volume 1 runs about 20 minutes, and is approximately 375 MB.

Volume II will either include the remaining bosses or exclude Kel'thuzad / Sapphiron, depending on guild progress and how long I decide to wait to release it. I really had a lot of fun creating this, even though it did not take me nearly as long as my previous videos... I feel that compiling and editing has become a lot easier than before.

Some things to note before you download the video:

1. This is not a PvP video. It's a PvE showcase, and its purpose is to entertain.
2. You will either love the music or hate it. No ifs, ands, or buts.
3. All music/mod questions should be addressed in the video itself at some point - so please do not bombard me with questions.
4. If you have any other questions for me personally, address me here or the WoW forums please - not in game.
5. My gear/spec:
6. I do not know when Volume II will be released yet.


Aedak / Rank

Due to FPS lag the Patchwerk kill wasn't as high as a usual kill - here's a good example:

Edit: The codec used to encode can be found here: - Only necessary if you have problems viewing the video.


Also, check out for my Burning Crusade Beta Journal - updated often..
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