Death and Decay 1 - T3 Warlock PvP! by Azael
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : US - Black Dragonflight ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary
This is my first PvP movie, and I have spent a fair bit of time on it. The movie consists of some world pvp, some battlegrounds, and dueling. Originally I had wanted to make a movie of pure world pvp, but after having spent quite a bit of time riding around looking for good fights I gave up, because sadly world pvp is pretty much dead on Black Dragonflight. No one has even tried to gank me in quite a while, and the only time you can get a fight outside an instance is if you attack someone who is on their way to an instance!

Anyway, the movie is pretty long but I highly recommend downloading it, and I would appreciate ratings and constructive comments / criticism.

Here is my CTProfile :

If you have any other questions you can post em here or try to get ahold of me ingame or at Also, i'm working on getting the video up on googlevideo soon, but I would recommend Filefront, as live steam movies generally butcher the quality.

**About the crit scene, many people have asked why I put it in, and basically it's because the first question I get when someone inspects me is "How hard do you hit?" so I put in some pretty average clips which I took from a few days of WSG to answer that. They're nothing insane, as none of them are setup, but it's basically just to show how hard I can hit.

Eye of Diminution is macroed w/ ZHC / ToA for PvE reasons, I use it for the 2% crit in PvP, a few people have asked me why I was using a Fetish in PvP, so this is to answer that. It has the same animation as a fetish, but has the +2% crit :P.
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