Death and Decay 3 - Azazael BG9 PvP! by Azael
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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**Download from the HiQ Filefront Links at the bottom, or stream the Stage 6 Link, I have the video on Filefront, both split into two parts, and as one full download***

Hey everyone, this is my 3rd PvP video, since my last I transfered to Tichondrius (BG9), and my name was changed from Azael -> Azazael.

I have had a lot of requests for a new video, and finally decided to get around to it once becoming more active in arena again on Tichondrius.

I made this video for my own enjoyment, as well as that of others, and I wanted to make something that could interest anyone, not just hardcore arena PvPers, and not just the casual WoW player, therefore I decided to include a variety of different PvP situations ranging from Unrated 1v# Arena, BGs, World PvP, and of course, Rated arena, both 3v3 and 5v5.

I tried to choose clips which I thought were interesting, specifically, a lot of close matches / clips, and not just ones where someone gets zerged down then the scene cuts. Generally speaking I think that the longer drawn out fights tend to be more interesting, although I did decide to include some faster paced stuff as well for those who aren't interested in long fights :P

The movie also features a variety of specs so as to not get boring so quickly such as:

7/7/47 : Destruction -

23/38/0 : Siphon Life / Soul Link -

43/7/11 : Unstable Affliction / Shadowburn -

6/44/11 : Felguard / Shadowburn -

In 2v2 I run a variety of setups with different friends, but opted to only include one close fight from 2v2, as generally, 2v2 as warlock healer doesn't produce the most interesting viewing material. The game included is a bit below 2400ish.

For 3v3, the team I'm currently playing on runs two setups, Paladin / Priest / Warrior, and Warrior / Druid / Warlock, with me obviously being included in the latter, I included two clips vs a high rated, and very strong 3v3 team which we have encountered quite frequently "Three Games A Week". This team runs a Warrior / Druid / Warlock mirror, as well as a Rogue / Druid / Warlock w/ Happyminty :] The games shown for this bracket are around 2450-2500.

As for 5v5, the team I'm playing on has been running Warrior / Paladin / Shaman / Priest / Warlock since I joined it, and we have been doing quite well, and I have really been enjoying the competition of some of the best teams that this battlegroup has to offer. I included two fights vs CAPSLOCKCREW, as we have probably played them more than any other top team (at least since I joined the team), and they're always very close and competitive games, with most nights ending up with us splitting games. I also included a fight vs Avant Guarde, a highly rated team with strong PvE gear who is another highly competitive team. All the games included are 2600+ up to 2710 which is the highest rating we have reached so far.

The video is as high quality as I could make it, as I enjoy being able to see everything when watching a video instead of just a blur with numbers popping up here and there, so naturally, the fact that it is high quality coupled with the length makes it a large video. Because of this I hosted it both as a complete video, and as a video split into two parts on Filefront, for those who want to download smaller files and perhaps watch the first half while the second finishes. I have a copy of the video also formatted for DivX Stage 6, but it seems the website is currently having troubles with uploads, so I will have that link for you all as soon as I can get it working. As always, downloading is recommended, because the Filefront stream is generally atrocious, and not very enjoyable to watch :P Hopefully the Stage 6 stream will be up soon for those of you wishing to watch the video streaming, as that is a high quality streaming website. I would also not recommend downloading the the version uploaded to WCM, as it is a lower quality render due to my high quality version being rejected :P

Anyway, DON'T EXPECT ANY FANCY EDITING, I am no expert with Sony Vegas, so the editing is simplistic, but I feel the content is strong, and hope there is something for everyone to enjoy in the movie.

Any and all constructive feedback is appreciated, and if you need to get ahold of me, forums are probably the best way to do it, as I sometimes miss tells, or am busy in game and cannot respond.

One last thing, a big thank you goes out to Kollektiv, who helped me a lot with rendering settings, but was neglected to be mentioned in the credits.


Music List
Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like A Bomb
NonPoint - What A Day
Finger Eleven - Paralyzer
Clutch - The Mob Goes Wild
Clutch - Promoter
Three Days Grace - Drown
Tool - Parabola
Linkin Park - Bleed It Out
Citizen Cope - Let The Drummer Kick
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