Lvl 1 to 10 Bloodelf Paladin - Full Footage by Nafnaf
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This is the full progress of the first few areas in The Burning Crusade for Bloodelf Paladins.

I have never played Bloodelf before and did not know any quests or how anything looked. It took a little under 3 hours. Movie is played back in 3x speed.

The leveling is only done by doing the quests given to me by NPCs and then completing them.

I chose Paladin as the class, because it is the new one for the Horde faction.

I am considering making a 1 to 10 Draenei Shaman movie also or perhaps a 10 to 20 sequal to this one.

The areas are very large, the second area (equivelent to Elwynn Forest/Durotar) are the size of 2-3 areas and have a wealth of quests that are a combination of the classic kill X mobs, find X objects and newer type of quests where you have to punish an Elder mages apprentices for lying or to defend NPCs against undeads.

By the way:

I screw that up a couple of times when looking for quest locations.

*** EDIT ***

Draenei Shaman version coming soon, it is already recorded and rendered - waiting for it to upload and then it will be published here.

Glad you guys like the music \o/.
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