Nafnaf III - Rematch by Nafnaf
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Magtheridon ( Conviction )
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Movie Summary
The third movie from the one and only, single most arrogant and emo prick on WCM, Nafnaf.

Special thanks to these awsome opponents which beat me a lot in duels, but lose in this video:

- Fully edited movie
- Fast paced music that
- Duels vs top players on Magtheridon
- Rude language
- Elemental Shaman action
- Only skilled epic opponents
- Lots of critical hits

Musical artists featured in this movie:
- Celldweller - The Last Firstborn
- Killswitch Engage - When Darkness Falls
- In Flames - Abnegation (new song!)

This movie goes out to all the Shamans out there. Unite and respec elemental, restoration and enhancement is for the weak!

Shamans offensive capabilities are very limited and must as such be combined with their defensive skills - so quit whining about the occasional heal.

Every opponent in this movie is a worthy fighter, all low-skilled videoclips I've recorded has been discarded.

Nafnaf's free Elemental tricks:
- When fighting an Undead shadow priest, use disease cleansing totem
- Use a PvP trinket or you may very well be fucked in most fights
- Grounding and Searing totem is key to success, use them
- Spec Lightning Overload, Storm Reach and Elemental Shields, it is worth it
- Kite for fucks sake
- Lightning Shield should be up at all times
- Stomp totems before a fight begins, mages and other classes can cast 10 million buffs on themselves pre-fight, so we can stomp a few totems, the totems are our buffs
- After popping Elemental Mastery and you have started to cast Chain Lightning, spam your Earth Shock button, it will almost certainly crit

The full list of resilience on my opponents in this movie:
(remember if they don't have resilience, their other stats are pumped, their choice)

Landolph (arms warrior) - 320 resilience
Slakeri (enhancement shaman) - 17
Erscador (survival hunter) - 285
Zoor (combat) - pve gear on armory currently
Dague (combat) - 372
Rejst (holy paladin) - 0
Xindo (shadow priest) - 17
Shushumiga (elemental shaman) - 233
Neverweak (arms warrior) - 401
Fizza (marksmanship hunter) - 122
Hargibi (assassination rogue) - 183
Morrison (shadow priest) - 520
Zamos (arms warrior) - 453
Acefire (frost mage) - 186
Akime (restribution paladin) - 225
Arlok (discipline priest) - 391
Stormyr (frost mage) - 42
Kapros (feral druid) - 54
Castand (restoration shaman) - 0
Piruz (frost mage) - 365
Kauheerotta (affliction warlock) - 391
Slauk (demonology warlock) - 316
đu▀▀ (arms warrior) - 365

So stop fucking crying about me only fighting opponents with 0 resilience

Lots of requests and comments have been directed at me the past few days, they will be answered here.

- AG_UF (Unit Frames,
- Bartender3 (Actionbars,
- Prat 2.0 (chatbox modifications,
- Squeenix (radar modifications,

All of my buttons are hidden, stuff with cooldowns are in my button group in the middle.


- 1 - Heals myself or hurts my enemy
/cast nature's swiftness


/cast [harm] lightning bolt

/cast [help] healing wave

- 2 - Uses cheapest water first :D
/use Conjured Glacier Water

/use Star's Tears

/use Purified Draenic Water

- 3 - General trinket activation macro
/use Icon of the Silver Crescent

/use Xi'ri's Gift

/use Medallion of the Horde

- 4 - Poison cleansing macro
/target Nafnaf

/cast cure poison.
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