TBC: 62 Druid PvP Video - Duels & Arena by Doublej
Class: Druid | Category: Other | Server : US - Test Server US (PvP)
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Some things to think about while watching this video:
-Yes, I did pick scenes were our team won… and No I didn’t win every fight this morning.
-Druids will be underpowered in the x-pac, if we don’t scale at the same rate as the other classes. We still need a lot of improvement or “fixes”.
-The people I fight in the xpac might look like they have crummy gear… but remember all the greens that drop in the starting area are as good as T1. Quest items in the starting area almost on par with T2.
-I’m not saying that Druids are fine the way they are from my videos. I’m showing that we have potential. These videos do not show how we are going to be at level 70… If this is anything like WoW in its current state… Druids will be on the low end of the totem poll when everybody else scales with their new level 70 shinys. So how about instead of everybody flaming each other in this tread… we talk about things that will make the class better huh? You know if we all work together instead of biting each other’s heads off, huh? Anyways…
-My gear is above average but not amazing like some seem to think.
-My gear is posted at the end of the video, so see for yourself : ).
-I hope you enjoy this second edition. .
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