The Island - Episode 1 by J. Joshua Diltz
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A New, sexy series from the creators of Rise of the Living Dead!

In the fading twilight of a harvest evening, a pirate ship emerges from the black horizon to lay siege to a vessel containing the children of the Arch Druid. The promise of a large ransom for the royal children entices the band of pirates, led by the infamous Orc mercenary Grom, to launch a devastating offensive against the unsuspecting revelers.

Caught off-guard and unprepared the Arch Druid’s ship is seared by incendiary cannons and set ablaze;the surviving passengers at the mercy of Grom’s ruthless and mysterious night elf daughter.

As the devastation spreads, far beyond the scope of even Grom’s intent, the sea becomes the greater threat and beyond that…what lay in the inky horizon, the shores of an unknown and hostile island…

This is episode 1 of new monthly Machinima series.
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