BC Instance - Underbog - Feral Druid by Kiran
Class: Druid | Category: Contest | Server : US - Test Server US (PvP)
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Got around to making a video of the Underbog instance in Zangamarsh. This includes the four bosses of zone and a couple trash pulls. The instance is fun, kind of long, and the bosses are more than "tank and spank". All in all the instance is alot of fun.

Was testing Feral Druid PVE DPS and I will have to say it is quite impressive with the recent buff to Mangle. Spec is 0/42/14 with 1665 AP, 25.95% crit, and 78 hit rating.

Used two of my more favorite songs in this video, so I hope you enjoy it as much I do the music..
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