Dark Requiem - The Burning Crusade Intro by GoDTiME
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This is a Intro/Promo i have been doing for some time.

Its been fully edited in After Effects, all the players have been recorded using WoWModelViewer, and noone was recorded ingame (only the empty scenarios were taken ingame)

I know its not long, but i didnt want to make a big, promo, just a quick Promo of the incomming expansion.

Edit: Btw, about ppl complaining for the content of the video, is a 1:17min video, didnt have too much time to explain anything about the content ^^!
Anyway, the content is there. Thrall in the Dark Portal (outlands side) means actually something (i have been playing TBC Alpha/Beta for long time now), Rogue jumping from the Karazhan tower too, about the war, well, thats Halaa, wich is a conflit zone that will take some cool zerg vs zerg battles for the control of the city.

Oh, and yep, is mostly a Horde PoV on the expansion :)

Hope you guys enjoy it..
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