Decimator V1 by Lilos
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Talnivarr ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary
Decimator V1 is an initiative by Decimation Video. Our goal is to show you that what you normally would never be able to experience or view in the World of Warcraft. In Decimator V1 we show you the possibilities in PvE with the current itemization. Our crew exists out of tree extremely dedicated member each with there own specialization. Decimator V1 will show you the extreme amounts of damage dealt by Lilos a Gnome Fury Warrior with absolute state of the art fury gear. Please take notice that Lilos does not claim to be the best fury warrior in the world. This movie is not trying to convince you of his individual skill. Although you might discover some useful tricks if you watch closely. However we do claim to show you an absolute spectacular PvE movie. We made an enormous effort in editing and trying to present the movie as best as we could. We tried to push the standards a lot higher than every other WoW movie we had seen when it comes down to graphical design and the general editing of the movie.

PvE movies are pretty boring in general but we did everything in our power to make this PvE movie stay in your memory for a very long time. Beside creating this movie we also tried to provide the people interested with a website that goes into detail about this movie. Our website also provides you with a quality live streaming service for Decimator V1.

Please take notice that Lilos had some serious downtime during the main fight presented in this movie. The down-time and the influence on the DPS showed by the Swstats-meter is completely explained on our website (

I will not spoil anymore content of this movie. I would say sit back and enjoy this moment of excitement!

Visit us at: Http://

or at our guild website: Decimation!

Admin note: Recommendation is based on what they are trying to achieve with PvE movies - breaking DPS records as a fun subcategory. This is an ongoing project for everyone to follow and we want to support that..
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