R14 Critadin ftw by Mobywan
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Twisting Nether ( Rampage )
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Well, this is my first movie.

The editting might be a bit poor, and u get some random screen freezes through the movie (just 4-5, wasn't annoying for me, dont have em on videogoogle tho)

Its long, I know, but as it was my first real movie to edit I had alot of fun in it and I wanted to keep going, so that explains the length.
Even tho its so big I hope you download the full version from Filefront (ARGH! Im getting better mirror soon) while taking some quick peak looks at videogoogle ;)
The intro is a bit sloppy and will be better next time.

My editting skills are quite poor, they still have to improve, willing to make another movie if people like this one more or less.

Songs are like
Starting with some intro song
In flames - Free Fall
Crazy Frog - Axel F
Crazy Frog - Bailando (God, I know, Crazy Frog WTF?)
Spineshank - Smothered
Partysquad + Ali-B + Yes-R - Rampeneren (Dutch super pop music, I'd swear u rofl xD)
The Aprés Ski Hut - The A Team
Atreyu - You give love a bad name
End is Within Temptation.

Hope you enjoy.




(Comments are welcome as they are, I know title and music are a bit lame :>)..
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