Welcome to the Outland, lvl 70 PvP by nieth
Class: Druid | Category: Other | Server : US - Crushridge ( Cyclone )
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I am really excited for the expansion to come out... If you are a druid, you will see why in this video.

I only spent about 5 days getting clips and editing this video. Just wanted to give the druid comunity some idea of whats going on with our class.

This video is to show people what feral (mangle) druid PvP currently looks like in the expansion. The fights take mostly in the Outland zones with a few clips in the arenas.

My gear is mostly AQ and Naxx with the epic lvl 70 feral mace from the Cenarion Expedition rep grind. The blues available at lvl 70 are upgrades from my gear but without enchants it wasn’t really worth getting them. Song list is in credits, I put some funky stuff in here, hopefully I don't get abused for my questionable music :). UI is nurfed, druid bar, item rack and Nurtur cast bar.

Here is a really short Fraps of the gear I picked up in expansion as upgrades... Not much. These blues were REALLY easy to get on your way to 70. The stuff you can collect at 70 is much better. Also included my stats and spec so you can see 4.5k crits would be easily attainable.

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