Two Gnomes and A Tauren: The Quest For Twill by BaronSoosdon
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Movie Summary
This movie was my first entry to the XFire Summer Movie Contest 2006 and it received a honorable mention award.

The movie is the first part on a story about two gnomes and a tauren on a quest for the most epixxest set ever made, the Twill.

I really wanted to polish and fix the movie (better lipsyncing, new scenes etc.) and update the music to be something more better, but as of WoW v2.0 WoWmapviewer does not work and the new version of WoWmodelviewer does not have a release date yet.

I also cannot promise any dates on the sequel(s) due to these facts.

This is the first machinima which I have done with voiceovers. All the music is from WoW or made by myself, so no tracklist is available.

UPDATE 8th DEC 2007


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