Endless Dreams 2 - TBC Feral by Corvi
Class: Druid | Category: Other | Server : EU - Eredar ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
Alright, I finally finished my 2nd TBC Feral Druid movie.

This time a lot more content and with ingame sound again (in chronological order):

- little intro (mainly about the druid class morale during the past months)

- introducing the catform stunlock and the mangle/shred combo. [my lvl: lvl 66]

- defeating a pretty strong lvl 67 elite mob in nagrand (save playstyle) [lvl 66]

- defeating a lvl 67 elite boss mob in nagrand (aggressive playstyle) [lvl 68]

- some dmg ;)
[lvl 66-68]

- 3 tank-scenes (bosses of shadow labyrinth, which is a very entertaining lvl 70 instance in terokkar) [lvl 68]

- Open PvP [lvl 67-70]. Mainly in Hellfire and a bit Halaa. Nearly all Opponents are lvl 70.

- little outro


Michael Andrews - Mad World
The Prodigy - Narayan
Eminem vs. Nena - Nur getrï¿œumt (remix)
Following 3 Tracks by Moonbootica
don't know the soundname right now, but I find out if you want.

Pendulum - Still Grey
Pendulum - Vodoo People (remix)
Deichkind - Remmidemmi

Hope you like it. :)

notes - before you ask:

I destroyed my heal-items only on the testserver. just wanted to describe my passion for feral.
highest mangle rank is trained with lvl 68. so the mangle dmg is not always the same, because some scenes are pre-lvl 68.
however, you won't see shred rank 7 (which is totally sick) except in the very last fight (against a lvl 70 shaman). perhaps I make a 3rd tbc movie about the feral druid dmg output when buffed and against mobs with -armor debuffs. 3000+ shred crits incoming. (?)

other questions? feel free to post them in the comments.

1. Specc ?
My current specc is:
This is a DmgDealer specc. I currently prefer Catform. note: improved lotp has only 2 ranks and not 3 like in the calculator.

2. Crusader Procc ?
This scene was filmed during an earlier patch. Weapon proccs do NOT work right now.

3. Some numbers?
With lvl 70 I have (only motw):
7300 hp, 2100 atkpower, 31% crit (dmg dealer)
12000 hp, 25% dodge, 18000 armor (tank)
mana: 5200
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